Thursday 3 January 2013

BCS President’s Report October 2012

Looking back October has been a quiet month for all sorts of reasons. A number of our members attended the Frankfurt Book Fair and I’m looking forward to reading Alan Grimwade’s report on the event in the next edition of Maplines. The IMIA, International Map Industry Association, was IMTA so ‘Trade’ has been changed to ‘Industry’, had a stand there and a number of our members were involved.

Our Restless Earth Workshop at Sandhurst was first delayed 2 days and then cancelled by the school which is a great pity as our resources are limited. Going along with the cancellation theme we had to cancel the GIS SIG because of a lack of attendees! The lesson learnt here is that, in future, we need to ensure that a GIS SIG takes place alongside another event. However, the GIS SIG in October 2013 should be packed, there’s a clue below.

Peter Jones, DGC, and
new BCS President
On a cheerful note the AGM at the RAF Club on 31st went as planned. I’m pleased to say that the Society continues to ‘buck the trend’ as our membership continues to grow and our finances are stable showing a small surplus over the last financial year. After the AGM I duly handed over the chain of office to Peter Jones from DGC our new President. After the reception we had an excellent presentation from Steven Feldman during which he described the development of web mapping over the years.  After another short break we had dinner which appropriately enough was held in the President’s room.

November starts with a Council meeting which is followed by 3 GEOData events in Glasgow, Bristol and Belfast where we have a BCS stand and a Restless Earth Workshop at Altincham Boys Grammar School.

Our plans for 2013, our 50th Anniversary, are beginning to firm up and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to learn that Michael Palin and Jack Dangermond, President of Esri Inc, have both agreed to take part in the celebrations. Some 6 months ago we invited the SoC to join us at our 2013 Symposium in Leicester during September but I’m sorry to say that they have declined our offer. I remember the joint event we held in Reading some years ago and what a great success that was. I’d like to think there might be a change of heart.

So this is my last monthly email as your President. I hope they have helped to keep you up-to-date with the Society’s activities and events. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to be your President. I firmly believe that the Society has a great future promoting good cartography to those thousands of map makers many of whom might well benefit from a bit of advice. Thank you all for your help and support.  Finally, my Very Best Wishes to Peter Jones, our new President, who already has persuaded me to become chair of the Programme Committee.

Best Wishes

Peter Jolly
Past President

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