Wednesday 14 December 2011

BCS President’s Report December 2011

The month began with the London Mapping Festival, Mapping Showcase event at the Emirates stadium. There must have been about 400 attendees and we, BCS, had a stand. There was a lot of interest shown in the work of the Society so I’m hoping we’ll make that target of 100 new members in 2011. I’ll let you know.

Just to take a step backwards I mentioned in my last report that there was a meeting in Vienna of ICA chairs and vice-chairs of Commissions with the ICA Executive. I gather that meeting was constructive and that there were 7 representatives from the UK out of a total of approximately 50 attendees.  No doubt there will be a full report from David Forrest at the next meeting of the UKCC on 10 January.

Over the last couple of weeks Mary Spence has done a great job updating and creating new marketing material. So there is a new BCS Awards flyer, the first flyer is available for the Symposium in June and there is also a ‘call for papers’ for that event on the website. There is now a Restless Earth flyer too and finally my words for the ‘Why Join BCS’ flyer have been considerably enhanced with the addition of paragraph headings and photographs. All these documents are available for download from the BCS website.

If you wish to go to the UK GEOForum Lecture on 26 January at the RICS in London which is being given by Mike Parker, author of ‘Map Addict’ it would be a good idea to register as soon as you can as seating space at the RICS is limited and this is likely to be a very popular event. Check out our website for more info and to book

Finally may I wish you a Very Happy Christmas and if you are in need of a smile try:

Best Wishes
BCS President

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Guest Blog - Where Should I Go On Holiday Map

Thomson have just launched an interactive graphic which maps out European cities by their climate. They thought it might be of interest to The BCS and the readers of the BCS blog.

It allows users to define which month they would like to travel in, and a temperature and sunlight filter. The map displays places within these criteria along with other data when you hover over them. You can check out the post and the interactive graphic below.

Click image to open interactive version (via Thomson Holidays).

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