Sunday 12 February 2012

Guest Blog: New HMMG Convenor

I have recently taken over as Convenor of the Historical Military Mapping Group. 
The Group has unfortunately not been very active in organising events and producing newsletters in recent years and I plan to change that. I cannot of course do everything by myself (the day job keeps me rather busy) and I trust that I can count on the support of those within the BCS interested in historical military mapping, which I suspect to be sizeable number. 
I believe that there are many members of the BCS who are unaware of the Group because of its recent inactivity, especially those who are fairly new to the Society. I would be grateful if any member interested in the subject and the Group would get in touch with me via the HMMG Contact Form. It is of course permissible to belong to more than one Group within the BCS. I would particularly welcome any offers of support and any suggestions for visits, seminars, conferences, publications etc. 

We are of course amidst the 200th anniversaries of the Peninsular War and the 70th anniversaries of the Second World War; the centenaries of the First World War will be upon us before long. A historical military mapping seminar is being held immediately after the BCS annual symposium and up the road at Hermitage, Berkshire on Saturday 16th June, to which all members of the HMMG are invited. 

Dr John Peaty FRGS FRHistS

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