Wednesday 20 April 2011

Poll Mapping for Earth Day

When Earth Day started in 1970 in the United States, probably very few could imagine the impact of technology not only on the environment (both good and bad) but also on the world of mapping. Where once, printed atlases were just about the only means of exploring environmental issues now, live web maps offer a window on the mashed up world we live in.

For Earth Day 2011, the Mapping Center team at Esri have developed a web map app that invites the global population to think about how they might prioritise resources to help protect the Earth. Building on the success of their series of successful FanMaps, the team have built an Earth Day PollMap where users can allocate a notional $100 across several pressing environmental themes such as climate change, sea level rise or population growth. The map builds on ArcGIS Server technology via the ArcGIS Javascript API.

The map was launched on 20th April and how it is used is something of an experiment...who looks at the map, who contributes, where do they come from and can we discern regional patterns in priorities?

Check it out, have a vote and think a little about Earth Day!
Click here for the Esri PollMap Earth Day Edition

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