Friday 18 February 2011

Imagine Peace 2011...on a map

You may have seen it's Yoko Ono's 78th birthday today and she's posted a message of hope for world peace and used a map to express how many people have visited the Imagine Peace website
It's an impressive coverage of the world, however I thought it would be more useful if it were overlaid with the urban areas so you can more realistically see where people live to get an understanding on the blank spaces on her map. OK, so the polar regions are pretty obvious, as are some of the deserts, but it would be good to show that Australia, is heavily supporting her as are Canada... They're just not heavily populated in those areas that dominate such a map!
With the addition of the Urban Sprawl Data from Digital Chart of the World in red, you can now see that areas in central Africa, like the Congo are inhabited but are missing the white dot of activity on the website, unsurprisingly, and that areas in the middle east, North Korea and eastern China are also lacking those white dots. A larger image is available to view here:
What other data layers do you think may add to the interpretation of this type of global data?

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  1. copied from Twitter:
    @beyondmaps (views of the world)"I suggest this projection:


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